2018 South Bay Pumpkin Smash

On Saturday, November 3, 2018, Sweetwater Union High School District (SUHSD) students participated in the 3rd Annual South Bay Pumpkin Smash “Game of Throws” at Eastlake Middle School – Thank you Dr. Cooke for hosting.

This event is the result of the collaboration and partnership between SUHSD, LabRats, the Rotary Club Chula Vista-Eastlake, and the leadership of Michael Monaco, OurHomeTown magazine publisher. This year’s event had several supporters including Greg Cox, San Diego County Board of Supervisors, Chula Vista Fire Department, Eastlake Educational Foundation, among others.

Participating SUHSD Schools:

  • Palomar High School
  • East Hills Academy
  • Castle Park Middle School
  • and Eastlake Middle School



Division 1 (High Schools):

1st Place Palomar High School (3 years in a row) CONGRATULATIONS!
Teacher leaders: Felipe Rosales & Ileana Grijalva
Principal: Karen Hernandez

Accuracy = 1 meter from designated target

*Palomar HS claimed once again first place in accuracy for Division 1. In addition they accomplished a distance of 44.5 meters in their power throw (not required, just for fun).

Division 2 (Middle Schools):

1st Place Castle Park Middle School (Team Teletubbies) CONGRATULATIONS!
Teacher leader: Christianne Dayawon
Principal: Bill Walsh

Accuracy = 0.7 meters from designated target

Power throw (not required) = 50.7 meters

2018-PumpkinSmash Eastlake Middle